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If your home or business is in need of furnace or heat pump repair or even a heating installation, we offer reliable and affordable service!

installing heat pump athens tx

Highly Experienced Heating Repair Experts in Athens, TX

At Roy’s Air Conditioning, we understand that winters in Athens, TX, can be rather harsh. That’s why we’re here to help! We never want you to sit through a cold season without proper heating units to keep you comfortable and safe! Our team has been conducting heating repair for over 30 years, so you can be sure that we know what we’re doing. If your home needs furnace repair, heat pump repair, or even a furnace installation, we can help! Whether your system is residential or commercial, you can count on us for reliable and affordable service!

When To Have Your Furnace Fixed

We take our responsibility of maintaining area heating systems very seriously, and we’ll only offer you the services we think you really need.

In case you’re wondering whether you need a furnace repair or new one, here are some signs that might help you out:

  • Strange Noises – A broken heater will often make banging or clanging noises because of loose screws or bearings or a deteriorating belt.
  • Unpleasant Odors – A properly functioning furnace should not have any smells. If there’s a foul smell, there is definitely something wrong.
  • Increasing Energy Bills – If your heater is broken, it may be working harder than normal to keep your property warm.
  • Beeping or Blinking Pilot Light – If your pilot light is beeping or blinking yellow instead of blue, leave your house immediately because that means your furnace is producing deadly carbon monoxide.

Don’t wait for any of these issues to come up and call us for a maintenance check!

Schedule a Repair Service Today

We know how difficult it is to relax at home or focus at work when it’s too cold to be comfortable. Allow us to take care of these issues for you. Get in touch with our heating repair team in Athens, TX, to learn about how we can help you!